WordPress Performance

Slow WordPress site? Too many plugins? Bulky theme? Horrendous Google Speed scores? We can help!


From load speed to technical SEO
we can help your site reach its potential.

Is your site running dreadfully slow? Or are you worried about your SEO health? Are you not sure what any of this means? No worries, we can help your content get “healthy” and help you understand how to keep it that way.


Think of us as your digital doctors


The Exam

Sometimes, you just need a fitness check before making any decisions. We can help gauge where you’re at so you can determine where your $$$ should go to maximize conversions.


The Cleanse

Your site can get technically “bogged” down in so many ways. Maybe there’s a bunch of lingering errors, redirects & orphaned pages. Or maybe you have so many plugins, you can’t even count them.


The Diet

Think of too many plugins, comments, redirects, etc. as junk food. We’ll equip you with a plan of action & strategy to keep your site in good health & ready for the “marathon”!

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