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Ron McIntyre at Squarefeathers has grown his luxury pillow & furniture company from his garage to a brand desired by many across the US. Beginning to expand operations and pushing to grow his business, his team sought us out to head up their digital strategy and cultivate an online experience that set a new bar for luxury online retailers. Our goals were to take steps of improvement that would benefit the site's experience as we build out a completely fresh new look. As our larger project is underway, here's a glimpse at what's to come and where they're at now.


  • UX/UI Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Strategy
  • eCommerce Optimization
  • SEO consulting


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Our strategizing began when the Squarefeathers team told us that they didn’t think their website was performing as well as it could with the recent boom in eCommerce shopping. They felt that the site wasn’t a clear reflection of their brand and that it didn’t communicate the quality of their products. From there, we focused on a streamlined UX that would let their beautiful handcrafted pillows & furniture do the talking. After all, what better reflects quality products than quality photos of those products? They had the photos, we just had to come up with a style that would showcase those products, what they do, and create easy opportunities for shoppers to purchase what they see & love.


Being that Squarefeathers’ website was already setup, hosted with WP Engine and running on WordPress, we were able to efficiently implement our UX concepts and come up with a great temporary layout for the Squarefeathers landing page as we build out the completely new Squarefeathers online shopping experience. Starting with the navigational items in the header & footer, we made the site much easier to navigate featuring their robust product offering and prioritizing popular shopping categories over non-shop related pages. The home page of the site also features many navigational items with opportunities to shop collections or visit product categories.