WordPress & Web Dev + API Integrations

project summary

ActiveProspect, a local Austin tech company, was looking to add a real-time public facing directory of integrations that work with their platform (both proprietary and 3rd-party) to their WordPress-powered marketing site. All of the data already existed in their internal system for customers, and the last thing they wanted was to update pricing, documentation, variables, etc. in two places. Using their API and mockups provided by their branding and UX team, we brought everything to life through the power of WordPress, offering SEO-friendly dynamic pages populated with the data from their public API.


  • WordPress Development
  • API Integrations
  • Server-side development {PHP}
  • Front-end {jQuery / JS / SASS}


more about this project

ActiveProspect provides lead acquisition services that connect your lead generation products to your in house sales and marketing platforms, and they’ve got some awesome tools up their sleeves. When moving as much data as they do for their customers, it has to be fast. That’s why the performance of this final project was a big focus. In order for their Integrations page to be an effective marketing piece for the company and its product suite, a couple of requirements were fast load speeds and SEO friendly integration detail pages.


In order to make it all happen, and thanks to their choice in CMS (WordPress), we leveraged the power of native APIs to fetch, cache, and load SEO-friendly pages with fast load speeds that only get faster. Since they update their internal products on a regular basis, we needed a happy medium between pinging the API every page load and caching the data for eternity. We were able to get them close to real-time data without overloading servers and mobile device network speeds.


Not only did this project need to function, but it needed to match the branding that the awesome team at ActiveProspect has worked so hard on. We worked to make sure the UX was smooth and interactive with a sticky live-search feature that automatically narrows down results as you search for an integration. Lastly, if you didn’t find it you can easily submit a suggestion for a new integration with some details on how it would help your business!