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Our Roots – A Background Story

I’ve always believed that proper introductions are important and being that we’re sort of new in town, I thought best to introduce the team and share a little about our goals for us, our business, and our community! – Dylan Wagner

For starters, we have four team members:

Myself (Dylan Wagner)

Tyler Moore – Business Development/Account Management

Daniel Christiansen – Web Developer & Designer

Ethan Stewart – Web Developer & Designer

You may be asking yourself, “Another web design agency in Austin? Why now?”. We are fully aware of the large number of talented freelancers and agencies in the area. In fact, I’m a huge fan of several of the Austin firms. Coming from small town Cuero, TX, I’m very humbled to be in a city with such a reputation for technology and design. Austin was the talk of the town growing up. Many business owners would look to Austin to set the standard for new approaches in marketing and leveraging technology.

My brother, Tyler Moore who also happens to be my business partner, and I grew up in Cuero. Famous for its high school football, turkey races and the start of the Chisholm Trail, Cuero taught us a lot. We grew up working on a ranch and at the age of 14 I decided manual labor wasn’t for me. I ran across WordPress after volunteering to take on building and managing my local church’s website and loved it. While continuing to learn how to use WordPress on a deeper level, I started doing freelance web design for small businesses and churches in the area. By 20, I had 6 years of WordPress experience and Tyler and I started 1Vision Solutions based out of Victoria, TX. That was only the beginning. Our vision was to roll out turnkey websites and empower businesses and their owners to get involved! It became a success.

Our business model was crafted through my experiences with some of my early clients as a freelancer. Many of them had grown sour and bitter to websites through headaches with contracts and other agencies. We wanted to bring some joy to the table. We scratched contracts, we scratched required maintenance packages, we set them up with all of their own accounts, and gave free training on WordPress. Our clients loved being involved!

After seeing these clients take off and business grow for them, we were so overjoyed. Being a part of helping local businesses grow is such a great feeling. So… After moving to Austin, committing to put some roots down here and getting engaged I had a thought. What if instead of trying to grow 1Vision in Austin, we create a new regional brand that we think fits with the culture. Tada! TXCAPstudio was born. I love this city and my goal here is the same as it was in Victoria. Empower local businesses with WordPress. I brought Ethan and Daniel, native Texans and WordPress nerds like me, on board and got them in on my crazy idea and now we’re working hard at it as a team! It has been a blast and challenging at the same time, but it has been worth it.

Follow us on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook and check back here for more about our projects and some WordPress Tips & Tricks. You can also say hi whenever you feel like it.

-The Team

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