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Purpose-driven design process resulting in stunning user experiences that engage customers.


If you asked for a brief overview of our web design process, it would fall into 4 main steps:

  1. Research
  2. Strategize
  3. Mock it up
  4. Refine

To go into a bit more detail, we start with researching your market, target audiences, and ideal customers. This gives us a solid baseline to put together a strategical design.

Second, we talk through strategy. For instance, we'll ask questions like "What appeals to the target audience at hand? Now? In the next year? In the next 5 years?". The answers to these questions help guide us throughout the mockup and UX process.

Next, we take our research and strategy and we hit the whiteboard to construct wireframes. We use Sketch to create visual mockups, and we use prototyping tools to bring those to life. As we design these mockups, we try to put ourselves in the shoes of our target audience to create effective, engaging digital experiences.

Lastly, we look it over from top to bottom. Evaluating our work to see if we missed anything. Making sure the little things have been thought through and discussed.

We have built this process over the years of working on vastly different projects, by industry & size. It's a process that works independent of market, company size, and project technology. It allows us to focus on the design and how end-users will act and engage. Ultimately, our goal is to produce something that connects with your customers and makes their digital relationship with your business a prospering one!

what can we do?

  • Market research & Design strategy
  • User Experience design (UX)
  • User Interface design (UI)
  • Wireframes & Mockups
  • Mobile-First & Responsive web design
  • Web & Mobile app design



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