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We've had the pleasure of working with Jenny King since the start of her professional photography career. What an awesome journey it has been! Jenny has "blown up" in the wedding photography industry and has really carved a path for herself to success. She is such a talented photographer and our goal working with her has always been to stay true to who she is, because in such a saturated market it's your unique style as a photographer and your personality that sets you apart from the crowd. Our team has been a part of several weddings and we've seen a lot of photographers in action. Jenny has something awesome going on, to say the least. From brand strategy to website design, we've had her covered from the start.


  • Website design
  • WordPress development
  • Brand strategy
  • Print design

web design wordpress development by txcapstudio austin texas

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With such amazing photography, it was a pretty simple plan… Let the pics do the talking. Jenny has such an amazing style of photography. Her ability to capture memories in a frame is indescribable. Our goal was to use her awesome visuals in clean ways throughout the site (on-page navigation, sidebar navigation, blog posts, etc).



Jenny has a lot of creative ways of connecting with her clients and doing special photography sessions. She keeps her annual offering basic to lifestyle (family), wedding, bridals & engagements but offers workshops and special “tiny” sessions throughout the year. We integrated various calendar, sales, and email marketing tools for Jenny to host online sign ups and connect with her audience in innovative ways. We used tools like Booking Calendar, Gravity Forms and our own custom functions & page templates to integrate with third parties like Zapier, Constant Contact, Tavé & PayPal.



From Jenny King Photography’s inception, we’ve been there to help Jenny talk through the details of her business’s growth. We cannot take credit for her amazing logo, but we have helped maintain brand consistency and style across the board from digital to print. We recently created a Bride Guide Magazine for all JK brides to have a tangible walkthrough of what their big day will look like. It’s packed full of amazing pictures of each moment through the day and tips for brides from Jenny. She’s been a part of countless weddings and has seen many things go beautifully and many things go wrong. She wanted her clients to know that she is there to help make their big day special and have moments captured so they can remember forever!